Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Security steals the answer from your brain

Students have a security set up that we can check to verify them in case they need a password reset, etc.

Me: Before I can reset your password, I'll need to check you on your security word
Customer: I don't have a security word
Me: Oh, there's one listed on your account
Customer: Well I didn't set it up, I've never set one up, someone else must have entered it
Me: Only you can set it up, unless someone else knows your password?
Customer: No, I haven't told anyone
Me: Right, well shall I check you on your security word just in case it is yours?
Customer: Ok, but I haven't set one up
Me: Can you tell me letter X and letter Y of your mother's maiden name?
Customer: *gives letters*
Me: Correct, let me just get your password reset for you...

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